Mini football figure - Juventus
  • Mini football figure - Juventus
  • Mini football figure - Juventus

Mini football figure - Juventus


Miniature football player with white and black kit.
Our football players are casted in metal, and afterwards painted with care and sense for detail. Also discover our other football players.

The football teams playing in this kit:

Type speler: Veldspeler
Back number: 7
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Version: Home 1
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Juventus Football Club, commonly referred to as Juventus or Juve, is one of the most iconic and successful football clubs in the world. Established in 1897, this Italian powerhouse has a rich history and a global fan base that spans continents. Juventus is based in Turin, Italy, and its black and white striped jerseys are instantly recognizable.

Serie A

One of the defining features of Juventus is its dominance in Italian football. The club has consistently been a force to be reckoned with in Serie A, the top tier of Italian football, and has won numerous league titles throughout its history. Juventus has also excelled in domestic cup competitions, regularly competing in the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana.

Internationally, Juventus has made its mark in European football as well. The club has a strong presence in the UEFA Champions League, consistently reaching the latter stages of the competition and clinching the coveted trophy on multiple occasions. The pursuit of European glory is a defining aspiration for the club, and it boasts a prestigious pedigree in European competitions.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Throughout its storied history, Juventus has been home to some of the greatest footballing talents in the world. Legends like Alessandro Del Piero, Michel Platini, and Roberto Baggio have donned the iconic black and white stripes, leaving an indelible mark on the club's legacy. More recently, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo have graced the Juventus jersey, bringing their star power and skill to the club.

Juventus is known for its passionate and loyal fan base. The Juventus Stadium, also known as the Allianz Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is a cauldron of excitement and energy during matches. The fans, known as "Juventini," create an electrifying atmosphere that makes attending a Juventus match a memorable experience.

Off the pitch, Juventus is a business powerhouse in the footballing world. The club's brand extends far beyond the football field, with a strong presence in marketing, merchandise, and global partnerships. The iconic Juventus logo is a symbol recognized worldwide, representing excellence and tradition.

The club's motto, "Fino Alla Fine," which means "Until the End" in Italian, encapsulates the unwavering spirit of Juventus. It signifies the club's commitment to never giving up, always pushing for victory, and remaining loyal to its legacy.

In conclusion, Juventus Football Club is more than just a football team; it's an institution with a rich history, a global fan base, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether on the pitch or in the business world, Juventus continues to be a symbol of success, tradition, and determination in the world of football.

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